International Economics and Trade

Duration 4 years
Starting Date September
Tuition Fee / Year ¥15,400 (RMB)
Teaching Language English

Program Infomation

1. The city

(1)Top five economical fast growing city in China

(2) International trade companies all over the city

(3) Traditional Chinese culture with modern western atmosphere

(4) One of the top 8 language universities

2. The University

(1) Key provincial university

(2) The two campuses occupy a total land area of 1040.06 hectares.

(3) Established friendly cooperation with over 100 universities

as well as several educational  organizations across the world.

3. The teacher and students

Over half percentage of the professors have oversea working or study experience,

and the percentage can be up to 90% in some special field. And it also invites high reputation scholars to give lectures and classes annually.

Students over 30 countries have been studying here and enjoy the special beauty of the northern part of China.

4. The scholarship

4.1 Degree obtaining students scholarship(80% students can get it)

Receive 20% from your tuition fee for the 2nd year; 30% for the 3rd year and 40% for the 4th year

4.2 New student scholarshipfull scholarship and partial scholarship

(1)Tuition and accommodation fees waived Comprehensive insurance covered

(2)Tuition and Comprehensive insurance covered

4.3. Best academic performance scholarship (after entering the university)

4.4. Best performance talent scholarship(after entering the university)

4.5. Chinese government scholarship

4.6. Confucius institute scholarship

4.7. Tianjin municipal scholarship

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