Chinese language

Duration 1 year
Starting Date March
Tuition Fee ¥6700 (RMB)
Teaching Language Chinese

Program Infomation

Beginner Chinese

Master around 2,000 Chinese Characters and phrases and around 180 language points

Gain basic communication abilities in Chinese.

Main courses: Elementary Conversation, Listening, Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Chinese Characters

Intermediate Chinese

●   Master around 2,500 Chinese characters and phrases and around 100 language points

●   Gain the ability of listening to and reading paragraphs as well as speaking and writing paragraphs on various topics.

●   Improve the study, work and daily communication ability of students

Main Courses: Intermediate Conversation, Listening, Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading and Audio-Video-Talk

Advanced Chinese

● Master around 3,000 phrases and around 100 language points.

● Be able to speak Chinese fluently, read and write Chinese with ease.

● Be able to translate and interpret on various topics.

Main Courses:  Advanced Conversation, Listening, Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading , Audio-Video-Talk and Writing

Supplementary Culture Courses ( Optional Courses)

Chinese Calligraphy, Taichi, Chinese Kongfu, Peking Opera, Chinese Traditional Customs, Seal Carving,  Elementary Classical Chinese, Modern Chinese History (English), On Chinese Literature works Translation, Modern Chinese Literature (English), Business Chinese

Curriculum schedule:

1) For Chinese language students, there are two semesters per year: Spring Semester and Autumn Semester. There are 16-18 weeks in each semester. The spring semester starts at the end of February or early March. The autumn semester begins at the end of August or early September.

2) Students will take placement tests (Written Test and Oral Test) to decide which class will best suit them.

3) There are 10 levels in total for the language programs, namely, Beginner Level I, II, III, Intermediate Level I, II, III, IV and Advanced Level I , II, III.

4)  There are no more than 20 students in each class.

5)  Classes start at 8:00am and end at 11:40am. Chinese culture classes are in the afternoon.

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